NAACP: Ban voter ID laws, they are unfair to transgenders


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When it comes to relaxing what few controls there are on voting in America, the far left has proven that it will entertain any and all reasons to better manipulate the process.

Case in point, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) President Benjamin Jealous offered a “bizarre, new reason Friday for Voter ID laws to be banned in the U.S. – transgenders,” as Red Alert Politics reported.

Yes, you read that correctly.

While participating on a “voting rights” panel at Netroots Nation, an annual gathering of far-left activists and bloggers, Jealous added to his belief that Americans shouldn’t have to show a photo ID when voting by saying Voter ID laws put transgender Americans at a disadvantage.

“As many people know, I have an adopted brother who’s transgender and he typically doesn’t dress the way he does when he hangs out in the Tenderloin — an LGBT community in San Francisco — when he goes to a government office,” Jealous said.

“And so if you show his ID you know and he would hold it up to his face, it looks like two different people.”

In referencing a 2011 study by UCLA, Red Alert Politics notes that “only .23 percent of Americans identify themselves as transgender, which makes the argument “as statistically insignificant as it is illogical.”

In the end, it’s yet another example of how important it is for the success of the Democratic Party to have an entirely free and open process to vote in America.

And this has never been more critical than now with Congress on the verge of passing immigration reform, which is sure to further exasperate voter fraud in the country. Once granted “legal status” — which does not include the right to vote — the 11 million undocumented Democrat voters will feel more compelled than ever to vote in our elections.

Nonetheless, add transgenders as another victim class in the far left’s false argument that Voter ID laws disproportionately hinder minorities from voting.

Read more at Red Alert Politics

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


4 thoughts on “NAACP: Ban voter ID laws, they are unfair to transgenders

  1. noah says:

    My predictions,

    if illegal immigration passes

    1. They will be allowed to vote, this is being pushed for legal immigrants already. So if this passes illegals will be apart of that group and will be allowed to vote.

    2. They will be allowed to take part in all government programs much sooner than the bill has stated including obamacare. This again is already being talked about. When there legal it will be all the more case of not denying them of what every other legal american has.

    3. They will be allowed to serve jury duty and convict American citizens. Already in california illegals are allowed to serve on juries. This will be adopted throughout the nation.

    in a sense they will have every power and luxury that an American citizen has just with out the title. Like being rich be you cant be called rich. The 15yr wait time in a since will mean nothing.

    4. The border enforcement in the bill will be ignored while the American people are told the same tired lines of why it cant be secured while new illegal immigrants pour across the border. Then we will here the same tired arguments of why they cant be deported.

    5. After obama is out of office it will eventually come out that he is indeed from kenya and he will finally admit it. This will not be negative to the agenda. It will be spun into how our way of life is outdated and that it shows that even immigrants can become upstanding citizens that have the countries goals and values. They will say that all immigrants need to be allowed to become president. To not allow it will be denying them the full american dream and thus denying their American rights.In effective they will accuse Americans of trying to make them second class citizens and racist.

    5. There will be a call to draft a New Constitution and Bill of Rights, stating that the current is too outdated. The right to bear arms will be stricken as well as the right to free speech and freedom of the press. The new constituion will derive its self from the communist manifesto.

    6. Religion in any form will be abolished and condemned. Any and all who practice will be charged at first criminals under the charge of conspiracy. Later they will be known as enemies of the state with the penalty of death.

    7. All will be taught love for thy government and hate for one another through culture, heritage, language, skin color. That way country man will hate each other to much to join together and rise up against the government. This country will become a Godless, deprave, hateful, sinful, place full of horror, pain, suffering run filled with atheist, liars, cheats, rapist, murders, adulterers run by the most evil people the system could produce. Are you ready?

    1. michael kucher says:

      I could not have written it better myself. The problem lies in the fact that if you posted it on the front page of every newspaper in the country, the majority of this pathetic nation would go right back to honey Boo-Boo and america's funniest home videos. GOD PLEASE SAVE US FROM OURSELVES

  2.… ,Indiana, April 14 ,2013. Guilty Plea In Obama Petition-Forging Scandal! So in theory be thee point is proved, can the title of fact of presiident for 2008 be removed, hoow many appointees could be recalled orr remmovved an so on.

  3. ruth says:


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