Madonna aligns with NRA, schools gun-grabbing liberal media

madonna-flaunted-pistols-and-ak47s-just-hours-after-the-colorado-shootingDuring an interview that aired on Friday’s “Good Morning America,” pop diva Madonna made a comment usually heard from tea partiers and National Rifle Association members: “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.”

Madonna appeared on the ABC News morning program promoting her concert event, “Madonna: The MDNA Tour,” which airs Saturday on the EPIX network. The first half of the concert relies heavily on the use of guns as props, which has drawn some criticism. When ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas asked her if she’d considered changing or deleting that segment of the show, Madonna said absolutely not.

“That would be like asking people to not have guns in action movies,” she said. “I mean the thing is, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. That whole first section of the show is like an action movie, and I was playing a super vixen who wanted revenge.”

Vargas then reminded her of recent instances of gun violence.

“But I know there was several movies that delayed release because of the shootings, for example, at Sandy Hook Elementary school,” Vargas said.

“Well that’s not going to change the situation,” Madonna answered. “This all comes from fear and ignorance, and people not really raising their children, or not paying attention to what’s going on.”

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51 thoughts on “Madonna aligns with NRA, schools gun-grabbing liberal media

  1. Jane M says:

    She is a hypocrite…and always will be. Her stance is violence, her quotes " I was playing a super vixen who wanted revenge.” She is drawing attention to violence knowing that it will cause controversy. Wake up fools!!

    1. mardabo says:

      Dumbass, the right thing done for the wrong reason is still the right thing done.

  2. pam belden says:

    i love her and respect her for this.when your prez tells another country to walk in and take over. we need some protection. wake up people

  3. mardabo says:

    This from Madonna. I give credit where credit's due. She has a brain and isn't afraid to use it.

  4. Bryant says:

    Wow. She is the last person I would ever have imagined utter such sensible words. Perhaps being a mother has taught her some basic truths at last.

  5. Cyn ferguson says:

    Wake up people she's only saying this to promote her own agenda, not her beliefs !! She is a liberal jackass to the bone, she is a die hard Obama supporter, even has a life size tattoo of his face on her back. She is only justifying huge stage production after being a POS blowhard Obama supporter including anti guns!!!

  6. Mabel Jacome says:

    This is really hypocritical; someone who is constantly kissing up to all kinds of liberal movements and everything & everyone that is wrong with the world to come out and stand for something that is convenient for her.

    It's like someone who says they are a Christian but only believes in "certain" parts of Scripture, the verses that they feel comfortable with and/or apply to their "lifestyle"; instead of obeying the entire Bible!

    Madonna is still as mediocrely confused as she ever was and she is still a super bad example for everyone as she ever was, deceitful (especially to the youth) as she ever was and doing things for her benefit and gain, thus as selfish as she ever was. A TRUE HYPOCRIT!

  7. vcobbs says:

    Actually, It is sweetness and light to my ears and eyes. These egg-sucking liberals deserve no respect. I want to see them squirm now. They're just beginning to realize the man they helped put in our oval office is going to turn and eat them tooo!!

  8. Matt says:

    Not sure how many years they have been running the celebrity challenge – but on Shooting Gallery with Michael Bane which has had at least 13 seasons (see they have a Ruger Rimfire Challenge where movie stars and other famous people appear shooting either a handgun or rifle. They must have had dozens or perhaps even a hundred + celebrities on the show over the years. Makes me wonder why there isn't an entire organization of hollywood types in support of our 2nd Amendment rights who are wiling to stand up for what they believe in and to counter the gun grabbers in the media.

    For me I could care less what any random celebrity has to say about anything – but they are people too and are entitled to their opinions – the problem is far too many people hang on every word and action of many celebrities – and when you have groups paying to use them to publicly attack our freedom – then a response in kind might just be effective.

  9. 277Volt says:

    " is this a genuine change of heart, or just more Hollywood situational ethics"

    Is there a difference?

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