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Limbaugh sums up NY Times: ‘Obama and WH are pulling Rubio’s strings’

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Is the White House engaged in a secret operation to ram immigration reform through Congress, and are some Republican lawmakers, to include U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, involved in shielding President Obama‘s involvement in the process?

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Friday discussed a New York Times article that reported on such a possibility, quoting the article as saying these Republicans “do not want to be seen by their constituents as carrying out the will of Mr. Obama.”

Limbaugh reminds listeners that it’s the New York Times and that has to be taken under advisement, then notes that the Times “says Republicans are deeply involved, but they don’t want you to know it.” He continued:

“They don’t want to admit it because they want to prove the White House is not pulling the strings. But the White House is! This is a “stealth” White House operation. The Hoeven-Corker amendment could well be an Obama administration idea submitted in this war room and then two senators were cherry-picked to put their names on it.”

El Rushbo points out that he doesn’t know that to be the case, but the Times story makes it entirely possible:

“The New York Times story says that some Republicans, quote, “are so eager to prove that the White House is not pulling the strings that their aides say the administration is not playing any role at all,” and they point to a spokesman for Marco Rubio.

A spokesman for Rubio has denied that the president’s involved in this at all. So, look, I can only tell you what the New York Times is saying.”

“It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not,” he tells his audience. “The New York Times, essentially, is saying here that Obama and the White House are pulling Rubio’s strings.”

Tom Tillison


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