Dana Loesch shows tea party how to fight back

At the Audit the IRS rally on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, radio host Dana Loesch delivered a compact but fiery speech reminding everyone – her listeners and the elected officials and bureaucrats she targeted – who really runs things in this country.

danaloesch“Why are we scared of them?” she asked. “They work for us.”

And the IRS’ practice of  targeting the civil liberties of conservative groups over political organizing just underscored the point that was driven home by the Republican takeover of the House in 2010.

It scared the liberal statists into overreaching, Loesch said.

“We gave them such a run for their money they had to suppress our First Amendment, God-given civil liberties,” she said.

But speeches like this one should keep them on notice.

“As God is our witness,” Loesch exhorted, “they will get right with We the People! Abolish the IRS!”


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