Bill Maher compares Vatican to Mecca to make a rare intelligent point

Even conservatives have to admit that HBO’s Bill Maher, like a stopped clock, is right sometimes.

Those times are usually when he’s talking about Islam, as he was Friday night with a female Saudi Arabian filmmaker. Maher, a regular critic – and target – of Islam apologists, took the opportunity to contrast liberals’ attitudes toward Islam with the way they judge Christianity – and Catholicism in particular.

billmaher“It’s the liberals here who don’t quite get it,” Maher said. “We’re not criticizing people. We’re criticizing a belief system that turns people into something we wish they wouldn’t be.”

(Leave aside for a second the fact that belief systems don’t exist without people who believe them.)

“[Y]ou know, Mecca is the capital” of Saudi Arabia,” Maher continued. “And they routinely put people to death … And, if at the Vatican, they were putting people to death for homosexuality and apostasy, and, you know, adultery — things like that, I feel that there would be a big outcry. I feel that liberals would be upset about that and it is the center of the religion. It’s a ‘mecca.’”

That’s not just tough to argue with, it’s impossible to argue with.

So, Maher really is right once in a while – just like a stopped clock.

Even if you do want to punch its face in.

Check out the video here:

HT: Daily Caller

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