Sharpton prepares for outrage over Trayvon Martin shooting verdict

The race-baiting Rev. Al Sharpton is already laying the groundwork for outrage if the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial doesn’t goes his way.

On his MSNBC show, Sharpton used an interview with Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the family of Trayvon Martin, to question whether the jury of five white women and one Hispanic woman seated Thursday can reach a fair verdict in the case of a white man accused of murder in the death of a black teenager.

alsharptonI would hope that we get fairness,” Sharpton said. “I think, though, we must deal with what the obvious is in terms of what the county demographics are, what is on the jury. But we don’t think people can be fair or unfair based on who they are. But we think the system ought to always be questioned.”

In Sharpton parlance, “questioned” means impugning one of the jurors in advance for the crime of having had a concealed weapons permit and mischaracterizing protests in Sanford that took place after the Martin shooting as “riots.”

“I was down there and helped organize some of the protests asking for a trial,” Sharpton said. “I never saw rioting and never heard of rioting when I was there.”

Crump agrees, then ludicrously suggests the possibility of a riot by Zimmerman’s supporters if he is convicted.

“The question I have,” he said, “… they come back with a just verdict holding George Zimmerman guilty of killing Trayvon Martin, will the other guys act right?”

If there are riots after the Zimmerman verdict, whatever it is, neither Sharpton nor Crump seriously think they will be the work of Zimmerman’s supporter.

And Sharpton knows how this stuff works. He’s spent decades fanning the flames of racial violence – literally in at least one case.

He’s just prepping for another round.

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