Networks ignore Obama’s brazen assault on Catholic schools

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When considering the words and actions of the Obama administration, fair minded Americans may wonder if there’s a “War on Christianity” underway in America. Be it gay marriage, abortion or birth control mandate, such an argument can be made by people of faith.

Unfortunately, this curiosity is not shared by the broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC who continue to ignore the possibility.

While in Northern Ireland for the G-8 conference this week, Obama criticized separate religious schools for promoting “division.” In showing his contempt for religious education, the president made what is described as “an alarming call for an end to Catholic education.

The story drew considerable attention in conservative media outlets, including BizPac Review’s coverage being picked up by the Drudge Report, but no major network news show covered the event in the two days that followed, according to NewsBusters.

ABC, CBS and NBC all skipped the story entirely.

Is this even believable?

Perhaps the networks were pursuing far more pressing stories and just didn’t have time to cover Obama’s brazen attack on Catholic schools.

Newsbusters looked into that possibility on Wednesday when the story was drawing the most attention:

ABC “World News with Diane Sawyer” took two minutes to devote to “flash mobs for hire.” NBC “Nightly News” found 36 seconds to devote to the decline of the Houston Astrodome, the “cathedral of sports once known as the eighth wonder of the world.”

Media bias comes in many shapes and forms, including the decision of what to cover and what not to cover. While it’s inconceivable to think similar comments being made about Islamic madrasas would be ignored, Barack Obama is given a complete pass here. Again.

Read more at NewsBusters.com

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