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Professor tells MSNBC abortion ban’s intent is white supremacy

Associate Prof. Salamishah Tillet

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Proving yet again that rational thought has vacated the college classrooms of America, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania recently said that those who oppose late term abortions do so in support of white supremacy.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” show, Salamishah Tillet was talking about efforts to ban abortions after 20-weeks when she pointed to changing racial demographics in the country that show the majority of children under the age of five are ethnic minorities.

“I think that there’s a kind-of moral panic, a fear of the end of whiteness that we’ve been seeing for a long time, and Obama’s ascension as president symbolizes that to a certain degree,” Tillet said.

She then added:

“I think this is one response to that sense that there’s a decreasing white majority in the country, and that women’s bodies – and white women’s bodies in particular – are obviously a crucial way of reproducing whiteness: white supremacy, white privilege.”

In effect, Tillet is saying that Republicans support limits on abortions so white women will keep having babies to maintain a racial majority. Never mind that Planned Parenthood — the leading provider of abortions — targets minority neighborhoods and that statistics show disproportionately more African-American women having abortions, compared to white women.

“An amazing display of racial bigotry,” Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly stated in the video below as he discussed the issue with liberal guest Leslie Marshall. And just as important, what effect is such hateful ideology having on the students in her classroom?

Tom Tillison


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