Kid Rock on Romney: ‘I never met a more decent human being in my life’

Michigan native and legendary rocker Kid Rock described 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a “mind boggling great man” to Fox News Channel’s “America Live” host Megyn Kelley on Wednesday afternoon.

When one thinks of Romney, straight-laced, button down and every hair in place comes to mind. The the last image would be the loud, pulsating excitement that defines rock ‘n’ roll. Yet Kid Rock was one of Romney’s biggest fans.

Is the rocker a closet conservative? Is it a Michigan thing? Kelly wanted to know.

The answer was pretty simple. It was the same reason a lot of people — albeit not enough — came to the Romney camp. He grew to like the guy — a lot.

“It was mind-boggling how great of a man that guy is,” he said, adding, “I can’t say I would do that for too many people.”

Yeah, but for a rocker? He admitted to receiving a certain amount of “blow-back” for being “the only righty in the lefty industry.”

Kelly and the Rockster also discussed government scandals, media bias and his friendship with far-left loon Sean Penn.

As for 2016, he really likes what he’s seeing in Dr. Ben Carson.

“Watching him speak, his views on political correctness… I dig where that guy’s coming from.”

Watch the full interview below.

H/T Mediaite

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5 thoughts on “Kid Rock on Romney: ‘I never met a more decent human being in my life’

  1. KB Cook says:

    That comes across in every interview with the Romneys

  2. Michigan Misconduct Kid Rock must be smoken' illegal substance with Mitten. Romney's are linked to a lot of corruption going on in Michigan

  3. Marc says:

    Like I care what some power drunk star struck individual thinks of a politician that is only 1 degree to the right of Obama. Give it up, Romney is not a Republican – he is a NeoCon and is closer to a socialist than an advocate of Liberty and Freedom.

  4. JJ says:

    What planet are you people living on? Just compare the resumes of the two guys that ran and if you can honestly come to an assessment in terms of experiece, qualifications, accomplishments and skill sets, that Obama was better qualified to run this country and lead the free world you don't have a brain in your head and probably can't find your butt with both hands. I was born and raised in Michigan and have followed the Romneys all my life. George was an outstanding governor by every measure during my childhood years, and Mitt wold have been an infinite improvement over dumbo – a hiuge missed opportunity to get this country straightened out by a ghut who has an established track record of fixing things all of his life, compared with a big ZERO in the form of Obummer. Just put the accomlishmentas of both men side by side on paopaer and make the honest assemssment that Obama is better? Impossible for anyone with any kind of meaningful achievements or rational business, economic or political sense to draw that conclusion. I keep hearing the constant allegation of corruption by the lefties, but that is simple Axelrod nonsense (and probably a lot of envy) and not a single piece of evidence to support it – Axelrod has no meaningful achievements either – two empty suits running the planet. But it worked and you sheep believed it: watch out, kiddies, the Pied Piper is about to take you (and us) over the cliff. Baaaah, baaaaah (and watch out for the shepherds…).

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