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Professor forces students to be gay rights activists for a grade

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A Tennessee college professor is alleged to have ordered her students to openly support gay and lesbian issues as part of a class assignment regardless of their political or religious views.

Dr. Linda Brunton ordered the students in her general psychology class at Columbia State Community College to wear rainbow coalition ribbons and express their support for same-sex marriage, according to Fox News Radio.

She referred to those who believe in traditional marriage as “uneducated bigots” who “attack homosexuals with hate,” said Travis Barham, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom who represents several of Brunton’s students.

“Dr. Brunton essentially turned her General Psychology class into a semester-long clinic on the demands of the homosexual movement,” Barham added.

He sent a letter to the college president asking that the school force Brunton to apologize top the students.

Brunton is a member of the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Educators Network (GLSEN) and expresses an interest in “diversity issues,” according to the faculty page on the college’s website.

Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes wrote:

Alliance Defending Freedom said the professor told students to write a paper about how they were allegedly “discriminated against” because of their support for homosexual conduct.

Several students objected to the assignment because their religious convictions prohibit them from supporting conduct their faith teaches them is immoral and unnatural.

Barham said the professor made it clear they had to follow the rules of the assignment to receive credit and allegedly told the students their own beliefs and viewpoints were irrelevant – even when they wrote their papers.

“When students objected to how she was pushing her personal views on the class, she explained that it is her job ‘to educate the ignorant and uneducated elements of society,’ that oppose this movement’s demands and to correct their ‘hateful and close-minded’ views” the attorney said.

Any views the students expressed or promoted that didn’t conform with those of Prof. Brunton she referred to as “throwing Bible verses” at her.

“The Constitution does not allow any government official to force another person to adopt or advocate a particular moral or political view,” Barham said. “But this professor did just that with this assignment and thus clearly violated freedoms protected by the First Amendment.”


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