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Bloomberg’s anti-gun efforts already hurting Alaska Democrat

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Mayor Nanny’s marching orders could already be paying off – for Republicans hoping to regain the Senate.

Big New York donors have called off a fundraising event in the city for Alaska Democratic Sen. Mark Begich, thanks to an effort by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to enforce the party line on gun control.

michaelbloombergAccording to a Politico report, invitations for the event went out in May, but it was canceled shortly after Bloomberg’s wrote to fellow big donors, urging them to starve the campaigns of Democratic senators who defied the mayor in April’s showdown over the Second Amendment.

Begich was one them.

When stories about Bloomberg’s letter began appearing, Blegich seemed to shrug off the risk, noting that red-state Alaska, voters wouldn’t be interested in a liberal New York governor’s ideas.

But his campaign would be interested in the money Bloomberg and his allies represent.

Begich is up for re-election next year and likely to face a tough fight. Republican Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell has already announced he is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Begich and other big-name Republicans have shown interest, according to another Politico report. House Speaker John Boehner will also be helping with the party’s organization with a trip in July.

Begich defeated Republican former Sen. Ted Stevens in 2008 by fewer than 4,000 votes, and that was only days after Stevens was convicted of corruption in a federal prosecution that was later found to be deeply flawed. The conviction was thrown out in 2009.

If Bloomberg’s letter efforts hurts a vulnerable Democrat who won partly on a fluke flawed corruption case, the New York mayor could be helping win the Senate back for Republican control, one seat at a time.

The Begich fundraiser hasn’t been rescheduled.



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