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Amputee Marine overcomes hardship, becomes successful model

Alex Minsky
Photo Credit: ABC News

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Oh, he’s hot, but he’s an inspiring, true, American hero and that’s the most important thing.

New male model U.S. Marine Alex Minsky survived a roadside bombing in Afghanistan in 2009 that took his right leg and caused severe injuries.

“Minsky spent 47 days in a coma and suffered traumatic brain injuries and severe burns to his body from the explosion,” ABC News reported.

Depressed, drinking and “running away from everything…especially myself, my own head,” Minsky said, he decided to live and fight and headed for the gym.

The making of a male model began when a photographer saw Minsky working out.

“He had a movie star face with wild ink and sweat,” photographer Tom Cullis told ABC News. “And it was too hard to pass up.”

Today, Minsky takes his 4-hour a day workout body to the world of underwear and fashion modeling.

He wants to inspire people, he said, but, “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

Watch the inspiring ABC News report on Minsky’s story and see what fruit he credits his good health and fitness to:

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