Allen West open to taking on Rubio for Senate seat

Former Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., said he was open to a primary challenge against Sen. Marco Rubio when he’s up for re-election in 2016.

allen west on foxWest appeared on Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” and confirmed that although he’d be riding the 2014 midterm election season out, he was open to getting back into the game in 2016. That gave the program host an idea.

“In 2016, Marco Rubio is going to be up for re-election –”

“Oh, I see where you’re going,” West interjected.

“– and there are a lot of disaffected Floridians,” the host continued. “I hear them. Listen, he rode into town here as a hero of the Tea Party, and really wanted to get back to protecting that Constitution and getting back to Constitutional principles. He came in the same time you did, and you know, you both came in with that same spirit. His activity with that immigration reform bill, the fact that he’s on Chuck Schumer’s side of the issue. It’s really leaving people in a strange place with Marco Rubio, I think. And I gotta ask, there’s a lot of people whispering maybe he should be primaried in 2016. What about an Allen West primary challenge to that senate seat?”

“That’s a pretty heavy lift, because you’re talking about running against a sitting senator, and then, of course, that creates that schism that the other side would love to see happen,” said West.  When pressed further on the possibility by WMAL’s Larry O’Connor.

“Chirping… chirping… chirping…,” replied West. You could almost see the smile on his face as he said this.

“If I see people that are not taking our country down the right path, if I see people that are not standing up for the right type of principles, and putting their own party politics before what is best for the United States of America,” West indicated he might make a run.

“Do we need to do something about immigration? Absolutely,” said West. “This whole ‘comprehensive’ thing – I think the bill now is up to 1,075 pages – Once again, the American people don’t trust that,” he added.

West said other things needed fixing before immigration.

“You need tax reform, you need unemployment insurance reform.  We need to get Americans back to work, and that’s the most important thing,” said West.

But back to a run against Rubio.

“We’ll see what happens down the pike,” said West. “God will set my feet on the right path.”


10 thoughts on “Allen West open to taking on Rubio for Senate seat

  1. KB Cook says:

    interesting — RINO Rubio has gained my vote of NO CONFIDENCE

  2. kateinmacclenny says:

    Go Allen West-he doesn't change his principles, he actually has principles!

  3. Allenhip says:

    Who says the GOP is a party in crises mode?

    Why do Democrats love and use the Tea Party to win elections?

  4. Grant says:

    The best thing Allen West could do for himself is to scuttle back into obscurity before even more people realize he's a nut. I had high hopes for the man, too. What a shame.

    1. Libertylady says:

      Your flawed judgement of him simply bolsters his credibility as a statesman of worth, but not worth of your vote.

  5. Jerry S says:

    The extent of the desire to self-destruct the Republican Party never ceases to amaze me. What could possibly be dumber than challenging Rubio, one of the most popular party leaders, one of the few with a realistic chance of winning broad appeal and even a national election. West should lie low and stay out of it if he cares about the Party at all.

  6. Doug Hanks says:

    A match made in heaven.

  7. Steve says:

    Every time someone in the GOP even tries to be rational, they immediately get attacked from the crazy far right. As long as these nuts can actually swing a primary the GOP will remain a Regional Party that cannot win a National election.

  8. Denny says:

    Well put Rubio in the same box with McCain & the best of the Sorry Azz RINOS! In fact he sounds like BARRY with his BS!

  9. Kenneth Clark says:

    You see Jerry, party politics is the largest of the problems. People have had placed before them two evils, hand selected by each of the two parties. They are given a choice of selecting the lesser of the evils and we still end up in the same friggin' boat.

    Real change will come about when the people tell both the Democratic and Republican parties… We do not want what you want us to choose from. We will chose who we want to represent OUr interests and not yours. I think we are headed in that direction and it couldn't come fast enough.

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