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Vigilante neighborhood: ‘This is a Glock Block, we don’t call 911′

Glock Block
Photo Credit: KOIN 6 News, Ellen Hansen

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Frustrated by escalating crime on their block, residents of an Oregon neighborhood have decided to take what local media called the “drastic measure” of arming themselves.

Located just south of Portland, the liberal city seen as the design model for every left-wing urban strategist, the neighborhood had grown weary of the growing crime problem and have formed what they’re calling the “Glock Block.”

Coy Tolonen, who recently had a lawn statue she calls ‘Lilly Rose’ stolen off her front porch, told KOIN 6 News: “We’re starting a new group.”

“We don’t feel neighborhood watch is sufficient, and we don’t feel the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is sufficient.”

Tolonen said her Milwaukie neighbors “all have permits to carry,” according to KOIN News. She said neighborhood conversations often turn to “what kind of gun they have” or “the best gun shop.”

In hopes of deterring more crime, the group has posted fliers that read: “This is a Glock block. We don’t call 911.”

“I will defend myself and my home,” Tolonen said.

Tom Tillison


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