‘The View’ hypocrites defend Bill Maher’s slam on Trig Palin

the-view-cast-2013A couple of the ladies on “The View” bent over backwards to defend un-funny funny man Bill Maher’s recent reference to Sarah Palin’s son Trig as “retarded.”

Barbara Walters set the tone by admitting that although the word “retarded” is archaic and replaced with “mentally challenged,” Maher probably didn’t know better.

“I’m very grateful that it has changed. But there are people who don’t know that, and they use the word retarded.”

After she was challenged by Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd, Walters continued to rationalize Maher’s statement.

“Do I, do I think he realized what it was? No, I don’t,” she said. “I mean, I don’t think he intended it to be mean-spirited. He likes to take on Sarah Palin, a lot of people do. She can fight back. And she did. And I’m glad she did.”

It’s difficult to fathom how, in one sentence, Walters can say Maher wasn’t “mean-spirited,” then in the next admit, “He likes to take on Sarah Palin.”

When Whoopie Goldberg seemed to join Walters in defending Maher, Hasselbeck interjected, “We’re in 2013, right?”

When Walters excused Maher with the explanation that, “Retarded means, retard means slow. What it meant was the person was slow,” Hesselbeck ley loose.

“I think there’s not a person on this earth right now who has a sense of mercy and love and understanding who wouldn’t go to a group of people or in front of an audience, perhaps, and not know that that would maybe make someone feel bad,” Hesselberck argued. “So I think it’s odd that we would give any person, namely the person we mentioned before, the benefit of the doubt. I feel that that’s really generous.”

Read the entire transcript at NewsBusters, and watch the video below.

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