Petition for Obama to ‘cancel Africa trip and save $100 million’ gains steam

Obama safariWord was out last week that the Obamas were planning a trip to Africa, and taxpayers would pick up the tab to the tune of close to $100 million. While no one begrudges the president some time off (or even a working vacation), when federal employees are working four day weeks due to sequester, it may not be the time for an extravagant trip.

So says Dick Morris, author, commentator and former political advisor to Bill Clinton, who has launched a petition to ask President Obama to “cancel” the Africa trip and save the taxpayers the money. Morris sent an email announcing the petition early Monday evening saying the trip is a “paid vacation and heritage tour,” which “will involve extensive federal expenditure.”

Signatures on the petition were increasing rapidly and people are also offered the opportunity to add comments. Here are a few:

Daniel C. from Banning, CA – Stay home, save $100 million and re-instate the white house tours – Tell me there aren’t nice places to vacation in the USA!!!

Doris J. from Fayetteville, NC – School Kids can’t tour the White House, but you can justify this Waste. You are Certainly Out Of Touch!

Someone from Staten Island, NY – Our family went to Washington, DC a few months ago and we were unable to see OUR White House due to the excuse of sequestration. If you feel that you and your family need a vacation, dare I suggest that you take it and pay for it yourself? Where is your conscience?

Don M. from Estero, FL – I feel it is wrong when so many are having hard time making ends meet. Also this trip could be made after he leaves office, or when the economy gets a whole lot better. Thanks

Someone from Vancouver, WA – Take the phone off the hook…use the White House 5 star chef…the maid service on hand…the manicured grounds and the lavish decorum…I’d say you could have a wonderful ‘staycation’.

“Tell President Obama to stay home!  We can’t afford his vacations,” Morris said in his email. It is noted that signatures will be forwarded to President Obama.

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