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Obama disappoints world: How do you say ‘miss me yet’ in French?

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This just in from the Washington Post: There are countries where people are deeply worried about the economy and distrustful of the Obama administration’s seemingly dishonest and occasionally faltering leadership.

And some of the people there even speak English.

Those countries are in Europe, according to a long article in Sunday’s Washington Post, which details the price Obama is paying “for recent controversies that have dogged his administration.”

obamaberlinAs we used to say in the Old Country, ¡Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos de América!

“As he arrives Monday in Northern Ireland for his first trip to Europe in two years, Obama will be confronting the diplomatic fallout from his actions and in­action on some of the most urgent concerns of his European counterparts,” the Post’s story begins.

It then details how disillusioned our European cousins are with the wordly two-term Democrat they once greeted so joyously as the antidote to the thoroughly American “cowboy” George W. Bush.

He’s frustrated France and Germany (they’d never do that to us) with dithering on Syria, he’s angered the masses by continuing and expanding Bush’s use of drone warfare to fight terrorism. The National Security Agency’s program of global spying has upset everybody.

If Europe was waiting for Superman, it got Godot.

“People in Europe were looking for a political redeemer,” Jan Techau, director of the European center of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, tells the Post. “Those expectations, of course, were greatly exaggerated. Soon it became clear, as it is now, that he is simply an American president with all of the ugly power politics that the position involves.”

“Simply an American president,” all right. And not fit to vote for, much less criticize, some of the men who held the post before him – particularly his immediate predecessor. And it’s only taken five years for Europeans to catch on.

Unfortunately, they’re still years ahead of some of our liberal compatriots.

How do you say “do you miss me yet” in French?


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