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CBS reporter: Iran’s hard-line mullahs are just like the tea party

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Those radical Muslim hard-liners lusting for a nuclear bomb to wipe the stain of Israel off the map of the Middle East are just like the American tea party.

That’s according to CBS News London correspondent Elizabeth Palmer, who commented on the results of Friday’s sham Iran election, which was won by a delusionally described “moderate,” one of eight candidates approved to be on the ballot for the Islamic Republic’s voters to “choose” from.

iranmobsRowhani is so “moderate,” according to the Washington Free Beacon, that he’s spent years as Iran’s lead nuclear negotiator – the guy who knows everything his country is hiding from the West on its way to the Bomb.

He’s so “reform-minded” that his election was blessed by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Sayyidd Ali Khamenei, the intellectual and spiritual heir of the Ayotollah Khomeni – of Iranian Hostage Crisis fame.

How could anyone compare the American tea party to a slate of candidates that had to get the supreme leader’s approval to run for president of Iran?

In Palmer’s words, Rowhani is “extremely close to the centers of power in Iran,” which doesn’t quite sound like the tea party at this point.

Besides, as the IRS scandal has made very clear, the supreme leader of the United States and his followers don’t even want tea party anywhere near American politics.


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