Protesters in Hong Kong wave ‘Free Snowden, Arrest Obama’ signs

Demonstration-in-Hong-Kon-012While apathy seems to have sapped the very spirit of American citizens, the same cannot be said of the residents of Hong Kong.

While we who are immediately impacted sit on our hands, residents there marched on Saturday in protest of U.S. surveillance programs and in support of whistle-blower Edward Snowden, the USA Today reports.

“Shame on NSA! Defend freedom of speech!” they chanted while carrying signs written in Chinese and English and wrapped in plastic to protect against the rain.

Roughly 200 people braved the rain to march, chanting “Free Snowden” and “Arrest Obama,” ABC News adds. Others carried large posters with pictures under the headline “Big brother is watching you.”

Snowden, who is in Hong Kong, told the South China Morning Post the NSA had been hacking Chinese and Hong Kong computers since 2009, specifically targeting Chinese University, public officials, and students.

“I think it’s not acceptable for the [NSA] to spy” on everyone, Patrick Cheung told USA Today. Cheung has been upset by claims Snowden made about the agency’s data gathering from U.S.-based Internet firms. “It’s our right to have our privacy protected.”

According to USA Today, the protestors presented letters addressed to the U.S. Consul General and the head of Hong Kong’s government requesting that the U.S. “stop running these surveillance programs against innocent Internet users in Hong Kong and around the world.”

The lettes read: “The idea of mass surveillance not only violates the right to privacy and human dignity, but threatens the very fundamental Human Rights of freedom of thought, opinion, expression and association.”

Meanwhile, Americans passively accept the violation of their constitutional right to privacy.

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Tom Tillison


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