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Mob of pro-amnesty protesters descend on lawmaker’s home

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house invasionBorrowing tactics of intimidation brought into fashion by labor union thugs, a mob of almost 300 open borders proponents descended upon the home of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Just as Service Employees International Union (SEIU) laid siege on the home of a Bank of America executive in 2010, the pro-amnesty group Sunflower Community Action assaulted Kobach’s home on Saturday.

In an interview with the Kansas City Star, executive director Sulma Arias said: “Every time immigration is tied with Kansas, people automatically think of Kris Kobach, who has made a name for himself and a living off of pushing for self-deportation laws at the national level.”

Kobach, labeled the “King of Hate” by the group on Twitter, is behind the SECURE America Plan, a no-nonsense approach to immigration.

In addition, Kobach was an architect of Arizona’s tough immigration law, and is also counsel to the Immigration Law Reform Institute, a non-profit firm devoted exclusively to protecting the rights and interests of Americans in immigration-related matters.

Emboldened protestors trespassed on Kobach’s porch, leaving behind a pile of shoes to represent “the fathers he’s deported.”

Video posted below shows protesters standing outside the home chanting “Si se puede!”


Tom Tillison


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