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Islamic states reject UN’s attempt to protect women; it violates Sharia Law

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The Kuwait News Agency KUNA reported that the Islamic member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council formally rejected provisions of a council resolution condemning and calling for the elimination of violence against women because those provision violate Sharia law.

muslim_womenThe Islamic member states objected to, for example, the assertion that women have “the right to control matters concerning their sexual lives as well as their reproductive health without coercion, discrimination or violence,” according to KUNA.

Getting to specifics, they objected to any notion of rape within marriage and the treatment of women as anything other than chattel.

KUNA reported:

They also rejected the paragraph that allows performing judicial proceedings in cases of rape within marriage, the abolition of provisions that require the matching of certificates and allow the rapist to escape prosecution by marrying him to his victim as well as subduing victims of sexual violence to prosecution for moral crimes or slander.

In early 1991, Operation Desert Storm liberated Kuwait from Iraqi forces that had barbarically

Eight years later, The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research prepared a detailed, “abhorrent picture of Iraq’s aggression against the State of Kuwait.” The report itself, as it claimed, “stands witness to the barbarism, brutality and disgrace displayed by the Iraqi regime toward all human principles, values and conventions.”

Civility isn’t rooted in how many Mercedes are parked in the garage or how many suits are hanging in the closet. It’s based in how a people treats its fellow citizens. The epitome barbarism and brutality is the mistreatment of its countrymen on the basis of race, religion, national origin and yes, gender.

As much as I may disdain the United Nations, its human rights resolution didn’t ask for much. It merely called for “the enhancement of women’s human rights, protection, equal participation in communities to men.”

We occasionally hear someone say of other countries, especially in the Middle East, that “we should just nuke them back into the stone age.” This isn’t something I necessarily support, however, in some ways, they’re still in the stone age.

Perhaps Sarah Palin was right when she recently said, we should stay out of that region and let Allah figure it out.


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