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Gun grabbers use grifter for Father’s Day anti-gun push

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Liberals have finally found a use for Father’s Day: to wage a new round in the war against the Second Amendment.

But look who they made their spokesman: a familiar face from the Connecticut school massacre. You name it, they’ll exploit it.

neilheslinA lefty group called People Improving Communities through Organizing (take a guess on who their favorite president is) has launched an email campaign asking supporters to contact their senators and representatives to support new gun-control laws.

And once again, they’re using Neil Heslin, the father of a boy killed at Sandy Hook Elementary as their poster prop, according to USA Today. And once again, they’re ignoring Heslin’s troubled past and present

As the Second Amendment group Connecticut Carry has reported, Heslin has a checkered past, littered with charges of driving under the influence, passing bad checks and larceny.

Most of Heslin’s shady background never gets mentioned in the mainstream media coverage of post-Newtown gun-control efforts. And when it does, it has a “move along nothing to see here” feel to it.

None of Heslin’s past gets mentioned in PICO Father’s Day campaign. Instead, the campaign uses different fatherly roles to push the gun-control agenda.

It’s kind of refreshing in a way to see women-empowerment progressives acknowledge the other parent for a change. But it’s tiresome that it has to be in the role victim rather than provider, supplicant rather than source of strength.

And if a grifter whose son happened to attend school at Sandy Hook is the best they can do as an example of liberal American manhood, a Father’s Day of victimhood probably is the best they can do, too.



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