White House attempts to remove ‘Father’ from ‘Founding Fathers’

Founding Founders

Attempts at gender neutrality and political correctness can lead to hilarious results, but none more so than the White House blog announcing that “The papers of the Founding Founders are now online.”

In an apparent effort to make sure the names of Dolly Madison, Martha Washington and Abigail Adams weren’t disparaged, Keith Donohue announced Thursday in the White House blog that papers written by our country’s founders were now available, according to The Daily Caller.

However, either Donohue or a higher-up had a real problem with the term “founding fathers,” and decided to change the word “fathers” with “founders,” thus ending up with the term, “founding founders.”

The Twitterverse picked up on this immediately. New York Post and PJ Media’s Frank J. Fleming wrote, “Glad Obama found the papers of the Founding Founders that details all their foundering.”

Dame TweetsALot alliteratively tweeted, “Frowning Fred fought to founder what the founding founders found.”

Blogger Whitney Porter observed, “I don’t get the sense that Martha Washington, Dolly Madison, Abigail Adams et al would be offended by the phrase ‘Founding Fathers.’”

She followed this up with, “If they wanted to be gender neutral (whatever), just say ‘Founders.’ Founding Founders is redundantly stupid.” Amen to that one.

The tweeps soon offered suggestions to replace “fathers” with something the White House might find less objectionable.

Included were “Those founding guys” from CuffyMeh, and “Founding Persons,” followed up by the question “Would ‘Founding Parents’ be slightly less idiotic?” from Fleming.

Washington, Jefferson and Franklin: Three of our nation’s most revered founding founders.
The White House isn’t the only entity dealing with gender neutrality. Attempts to achieve this have brought us “handwriting” instead of “penmanship” and replaced “freshman” with “first year student.”

The White House has since reverted to the time-tested “founding fathers,” according to its blog page.

All in all, I have to agree with Porter. Why didn’t they simply eliminate the word “fathers” altogether and go with “founders?” I guess that was too simple a solution.

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