Paul Ryan rejuvenates base: ‘We are the mainstream’

Sounding more like an advancing candidate than the No.2 name on a defeated ticket, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., told the Faith & Freedom Coalition on Friday that that the full beginning of Obamacare will shake Americans to push back against the liberal tide of the Obama years.

The Obamacare that voters faced in 2012 was still made up of attractive promises, Ryan said. But when the polls are open in 2014, he said, those promises will have been proven empty.

paulryanAnd though the president himself won’t be on the ticket, Ryan said he expects voters to repudiate the Obama agenda, as they did in 2010.

“This was the challenge that Mitt Romney and I had in this last election … we had to argue against the promise and the rhetoric of President Obama,” Ryan told delegates at the “Road to Majority” conference in Washington, according to a Politico report. “The great soaring rhetoric, all of the empty promises.”

“Remember, in his first two years, he passed his big program, but he didn’t implement his program,” Ryan said. “Now, in his second term, we’re seeing it implemented — and it’s pretty darn ugly.”

And it’s not just Obamacare that’s showing its ugly side, Ryan said.

The serial scandals hitting the Obama administration – but particularly the IRS’s practice of targeting conservative groups for a selective, harsh treatment – are proving a wake-up call for Americans on the fence, Ryan said.

“We are seeing the assault on our liberties,” he said. “We are seeing what happens when you give so much power to a handful of bureaucrats, and what they do to abuse our religious freedom.”

And that will tell at the ballot box, Ryan predicted, as even Americans who may not be fully committed conservatives – yet – will have seen enough of modern liberalism to know Obama’s years in power have been long enough.

“The left likes to think that we are the fringe. Guess what? You and I, we are the mainstream,” he told the conference. “When you take a look at what’s happening, the goal we have in front of us is to reclaim the center of our politics.”



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