Bill Clinton downplays saying Obama would look like ‘a total wuss’

Hey, he was just sayin’!

Former President Bill Clinton on Friday tried to downplay reports from earlier this week that he’d said President Obama would look like “a total wuss” for letting public-opinion polls sway his decision about whether to help the rebels in Syria.

bubbaobamaIn an interview with MSNBC, Clinton also said he really didn’t at all mean Obama would look like “a total fool” if he failed aid the rebels and things only get worse from a humanitarian point of view.

During a joint appearance Tuesday with Sen. John McCain, an advocate of arming the Syrian rebels, Clinton said a president who let popular caution deter him from action risked looking like “a total wuss.”

The comments were recorded on audio, Politico reported.

“[Y]ou’d look like a total wuss,” he said, according to Politico. “And you would be.

“I don’t mean that a leader should go out of his way or her way to do the unpopular thing, I simply mean when people are telling you ‘no’ in these situations, very often what they’re doing is flashing a giant yellow light and saying, ‘For God’s sakes, be careful …”

And, Clinton said, Obama would be unable to hide behind polls showing Americans are against risking help for the rebellion if he refrained from doing so and the situation just got worse.

He’d look “like a total fool,” Clinton said.

On Friday, Clinton told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program he was “amazed by the coverage” of his comments.

“I just did a question and answer session for Senator McCain’s institute, and the last or next to last question was about Syria, and I said I didn’t think we should give up on them,” he said.

Well, yeah. That’s all he meant.

The former Democratic president said he didn’t think we should give up on the Syrian rebels, and he said the current Democratic president of the United States would like “a total wuss” and “a total fool” if he did.

Amazing that anyone would even notice.

HT: The Hill

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