White House curses out comic book publisher over ‘Evil’ Ayers

A coloring book company that likes to dabble in politics had the White House seeing red – and cursing a blue streak – when it included terrorist-turned-presidential-pal Bill Ayers in a post-9/11 issue, the publisher told Fox News.

billayerscomicWayne Bell, founder of Really Big Coloring Books, told Gretchen Carlson his company received an email from the White House containing “f—ing” criticism of the company last year over a “True Faces of Evil” featured an image of Ayers, an Obama Chicago friend who’s admitted bombing American military sites in the United States during his days as a Vietnam War protester.

(An interview where Ayers admitted the bombings was published in The New York Times was published on Sept. 11, 2001—a celebration of terrorism in print that was on the streets the day the Towers fell.)

“We did the original ‘We Shall Never Forget 9/11,’” Bell told Carlson. “And then we followed it up with the year after with ‘The True Faces of Evil – Terror.’ And this book prompted an email from the White House email server, in which they basically said, you know, really not nice things to our company.”

“Why?” Carlson asked.

“Because we put people — we put the evil people in here,” Bell said.

“You had Bill Ayers, who was at one time an associate of Barack Obama,” Carlson said. “Is that why they were angry about that?”

“I think so because they basically told us ‘you f—ing’ — I know, but they didn’t write it out,” Bell recalled. “Our graphics and our forensics people on our web team [said] the email came from whitehouse.gov. We responded to the email and told them this is very inappropriate. The person signed it with their initials, and we never heard back from them.

“And so, we think they were just upset because we did a book on terror that tells the truth about terrorism.”

“Truth about terrorism” is not something this White House is comfortable with.

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