Sarah Palin to Bill Maher: I hope a bully ‘flattens your lily white wimpy . . .’

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin turned to Twitter on Wednesday to blast Bill Maher after learning that he directed a slur at her special needs son during a stage performance in Las Vegas.

In referring to him as a “bully,” Palin said she hopes “one flattens your lily white wimpy a#*.”

As was reported in Breitbart.com, former Las Vegas TV personality Ron Futrell was asked to leave a Maher’s show at the Palms on Saturday after he criticized Maher for calling Trig Palin “retarded.” Futrell has a son with special needs.

Palin first “tweeted” the Breitbart article:

The one-time vice presidential candidate then gets very personal:

Finally, understanding the nature of cowards, Palin asks “little Bill” if he’d care to meet:

Considering Palin often travels with her husband, the very manly Todd Palin, that’s not an offer Bill Maher will be taking her up on anytime soon. In fact, it’s not likely the effeminate comedian would “man up” even if she were alone.

Maher has targeted Palin’s son before, and, unfortunately, as Futrell pointed out, “the audience of supposed compassionate, caring leftists loved the joke and roared with laughter.”

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Tom Tillison


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