Biden in 2006: You can’t trust a spying president or VP

As news of the far reaching surveillance practices of the NSA reverberates across America, polls are already showing a seismic shift in the attitudes of those on the left toward an intrusive government when there is a Democrat sitting in the White House.

One of the most notable liberals is Vice President Joe Biden, who said of the Bush administration in 2006:

“If I know every single phone call you made I’m able to determine every single person you talk to. I can get a pattern about your life that is very, very intrusive. The real question here is what do they do with this information they collect that does not have anything to do with Al-Qaeda?

“And we’re going to trust the president and the vice president of the United States that they’re doing the right thing. Don’t count me in on that.“

Yet, under the Obama administration, as was reported by NBC News in Oct. 2011, the FBI dramatically increased its use of a controversial provision of the Patriot Act to secretly obtain a vast store of business records of U.S. citizens, according to Justice Department reports.

The bureau filed 212 requests for such data to a national security court last year – a 1,000-percent increase from the number of such requests four years earlier, the reports show.

As noted by Hot Air’s Allah Pundit: “It’s not just the number of requests, it’s the scope of them. They’re not demanding records related to particular investigations anymore, they’re demanding huge troves of records on random Americans for data-mining purposes, the same thing Patriot Act co-author Jim Sensenbrenner complained about a few days ago but somehow didn’t foresee in 2001.”

H/T Gateway Pundit

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