New Fla. conservative group ‘ICAN’ hosts Gov. Scott in Boca

Florida Gov. Rick Scott arrived in Boca Raton Monday for an intimate breakfast of about 70 to meet with members of the Independent Conservative Action Network , a new organization poised to have a powerful impact on South Florida and the rest of the sunshine state.

The governor greeted the crowd and posed for photos before giving a brief speech and answering a few questions on hot button issues like the health care exchange and immigration.

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ICAN President Margi Helschien said this would be the first of many events educating the public and reaching out to fellow conservatives.

Boca Deputy Mayor Susan Haynie and Councilwoman Constance Scott joined the breakfast, as did state Republican Committeewoman Cindy Tindell and national party Committeeman Peter Feaman, both of whom are ICAN board members. Former Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman Sid Dinerstein was also on hand.

The group’s Facebook page  says it is “dedicated to spreading the conservative message through education, outreach and community involvement.” Its board members are experienced business and community leaders from all over the state:

President Margi Helschien, Vice President Jack Furnari, Abee Moses, John R. Smith, Peter Feaman, Cindy Tindell, co-counsel Richard DeNapoli, co-counsel Gary Rosner, Brett Doster, Janeen Capizola, Starla Brown, Cheryl Mullings and Tom Tillison.

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Governor Scott answers questions on Obamacare/healthcare exchange


Independent Conservative Action Network


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8 thoughts on “New Fla. conservative group ‘ICAN’ hosts Gov. Scott in Boca

  1. Bocalisa says:

    Great job margie!

  2. Doug Hanks says:

    Oh Goody. More PACs

  3. Dmitry says:

    Margie, Sid, Jack – Independent? From who? Just one more GOP outlet. There is nothing wrong with that, better than dumbocrats, but the name should be rather I'mCANned.

  4. Allenhip says:

    Rick Scott has a serious problem his record and his approval ratings?

    Scott’s low approval rating is just 33%, with 57% of voters disapproving of him.

    One poll this year shows if Charlie Crist would run in a showdown with Scott. Crist would have a lead 52-40, most notably taking a whooping 29% of the Republican vote.

    In fact Obama has a better approval ratings in the polls then Scott.

    In all honesty if the election were today whom do you think would win?

  5. Diogenes says:

    Personally, I'd vote for a special needs chimp over Charlie Crist The Carrot.

  6. Rifraffe says:

    The liberal media and the dem machine starting attacking Scott before his first day in office. Whenever you talk to Scott haters, ask them for specifics. Guaranteed they dummy-up.

  7. Geo. says:

    Specifics? We don't need no specifics. We don't need no jobs –we got cash from Obama's stash! Gimme my food stamps, housing allowances, Obamaphones and stuff and I'm happy. Who's Scott? –so says the Low Information Voter

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