Bloomberg’s big mouth has Senate Democrats running scared

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s super-sized ego could come up big for Republicans in next year’s Senate races.

According to a report today on the New York Times website, “Bloomberg Asks Donors to Shut Wallets over Senators’ Gun Votes,” Mayor Nanny is urging fellow deep-pocket donors to boycott the campaigns of Democratic senators up for re-election next year if they helped kill new gun-control legislation this spring.

bloombergAnd he’s doing it despite warnings that keeping campaign money from the Democratic senators who voted to filibuster background-check legislation — Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Alaska’s Mark Begich and North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp – could cost the  party those seats.

(A fourth Democratic apostate, Max Baucus of Montana, is retiring next year, ending a 36-year Senate career just in time to miss the “train wreck” of Obamacare he’s unleashed on the rest of the country.)

The Times quotes one anonymous Senate Democratic staffer as saying: “What they are doing is increasing the likelihood of a 100 percent A-rated NRA Republican being elected.”

Even Sen. Harry Reid, the majority leader from Nevada, is worried about Bloomberg, The Times reports. At a meeting in February, he pleaded with Bloomberg to relent, according to The Times.

“Do you think you’d be better served by Majority Leader McConnell?” Reid whined.

Conservatives can only wish Bloomberg well.

Among other things, a Republican-controlled Senate would put adult supervision over any Obama nominations – including the Supreme Court – until he’s out of office.

We’ll drink to that – with 64-ounce sodas.

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