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UN delegate’s ridiculous claim about global warming

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A delegate at the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change in Bonn, Germany, tried, without much success, to explain that the extension of winter this year was proof of global warming.

A UN Climate Conference delegate representing the Cook Islands insisted to a CFACT representative that “the unusual cold weather accompanying the conference was a perfect example of how global warming is affecting our lives,” according to the video’s description.

“If it’s cold, how does that affect global warming?” CFACT asked after her original statement.

“It’s supposed to be summer right now. But winter has extended for some reason,” she said.

“Doesn’t that mean that global warming is not happening?” CFACT wanted to know.

“It’s happening — right now,” she insisted.

Although it all seemed to make perfect sense to the delegate, it made none to the interview.

“Could you say that again?” he asked.

“Okay, so right now, we’re supposed to be — it’s supposed to be really hot. It’s supposed to be summer. For some reason winter has been extended, really extensively. So, we’re supposed to be experiencing heat and what-not. But we’re not, because global warming is happening right now.”

Her explanation didn’t help. The fact that it was delivered in a lovely British accent and accompanied by a beautiful smile wasn’t enough to overcome the idiocy of her remarks either.

The UN climate change conference began June 3 and is scheduled to run until June 14.

The Washington, D.C.-based Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, known as CFACT, was founded in 1985 ”to promote a positive voice on environment and development issues,” according to its website. http://www.cfact.org


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