O’Reilly: Get real, ‘you can’t just seize everything!’

Bill O’Reilly said on Monday night’s show that the data mining going on at the NSA is a “confusing situation, but it is vitally important for every American.”

He added that Edward Snowden, the source of the leaked information, should be arrested and drew the line at the NSA’s internet monitoring and collection of private e-mails, as Mediaite reported:

O’Reilly declared that “seizing actual words of Americans” is “clearly unconstitutional,” saying that there’s too much danger in the government potentially abusing its power and declaring that the program “should be shut down immediately.”

With the actions of the IRS fresh on everyone’s mind, O’Reilly reminded us that corrupt government officials can release data illegally.

A list of notables that do or do not support the program is shared, with O’Reilly pointing out conservative minded Glenn Beck and far-left oriented Van Jones actually agree on something.

In noting that liberals are surprised that Obama is behind the surveillance program, O’Reilly said “the president wants a a powerful federal government that runs nearly everything. His whole administration is about accumulating power for the feds, so this is consistent.”

A Rasmussen poll is also shared that shows 52 percent of Americans don’t trust Obama or the government on the issue.

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Tom Tillison


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