Jay Carney skewered by WH press as he refuses to discuss latest scandal

A new week, a new scandal, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is in the hot seat again. Carney refused to discuss Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee at the center of the National Security Agency firestorm, but said numerous times that the president “welcomed debate” on these issues.

Carney said from the beginning of the briefing that he wouldn’t comment on the development, and didn’t even mention Snowden’s name.

“There is obviously an investigation underway into this matter, and for that reason, I cannot discuss specifically this individual or this investigation,” Carney said. “Nor would I characterize the president’s view on an individual or an ongoing investigation.”

But Carney did say repeatedly that the issue was appropriate for public debate, and that it was a debate worth having, and the president welcomes a debate.

In fact, he mentioned “debate” so many times, Huffington Post compiled some of those statements together in a video that’s almost comical.

CBS News correspondent Major Garrett grilled Carney on the fact that “the debate would not be happening unless there would have been a leak.”

Fox News Chief White House correspondent Ed Henry hammered Carney on Obama’s claim on Friday that “every member of Congress” had been briefed on the NSA’s program, while several members were coming forward saying they knew nothing about it the monitoring of phone calls and Internet service.

Carney’s most memorable line of the afternoon speaking about the president:

“This is not the manner by which he’d hoped to have this debate,” Carney said.

Watch the Carney shuffle via Hot Air here.

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