Actor Shia LaBeouf’s creepy 2008 Leno tape foretells NSA scandal

As we learn more about the NSA‘s surveillance of telephone calls and Internet use — known as PRISM — it sounds more and more like a Hollywood movie.

Perhaps we should have looked to “Tinseltown” back in 2008 to foresee what was coming.

Actor Shia LaBeouf was on the “Tonight Show” on Sept. 16, 2008, plugging the film “Eagle Eye,” a thriller about a secret government computer connected to cameras and communications systems everywhere in the country, as told by

Surprisingly, LaBeouf told host Jay Leno that an FBI consultant on the film had played him a recording of a private conversation with a girlfriend that took place two years before he was cast in the film.

“Creepy,” as Leno said at the time.

As farfetched as the idea is that an FBI agent is going to reveal a top secret surveillance program to an actor, Breitbart suggested that the consultant may have been demonstrating how close to reality the concept behind the film was.

One thing is for sure, LaBeouf has a sure-fire gig when Hollywood does turn PRISM into a movie.

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Tom Tillison


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