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Seems NSA source Snowden supported Ron Paul

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He seems to have put his money where his mouth is.

Edward Snowden, the man who says he leaked information about the National Security Agency’s huge operation monitoring Americans’ electronic communications known as Prism appears to have been a supporter of former Republican congressman Ron Paul, donating $500 to Paul’s insurgent campaign for president in 2012.

ronpaulAccording to Reason.com, an Edward Snowden living in Maryland donated $250 to Paul’s campaign in March 2012. A man of the same name listing a Hawaii address donated $250 in May 2012.

Snowden, a former CIA employee who worked for Booz Allen, an intelligence contractor with the NSA, is from Maryland and was living in Hawaii until he fled to Hong Kong just before the Britain-based Guardian newspaper broke the story of the surveillance operation on Wednesday.

In revealing his identity in the Guardian on Sunday, Snowden described himself as a third-party voter in 2008.

Still, he said he initially believed then-candidate Barack Obama would keep his word on restoring government respect for civil liberties in the post-9/11 era.

The next four years changed that, he told the Guardian in an interview revealing his identity.

“A lot of people in 2008 voted for Obama,” he said in the interview. “I did not vote for him. I voted for a third party. But I believed in Obama’s promises. I was going to disclose it [but waited because of his election]. He continued with the policies of his predecessor.”

While it wasn’t certain that the Edward Snowden listed in campaign records is the same as the NSA whistleblower, the philosophies match.

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican nomination in 2012 was based largely on his libertarian positions Snowden espouses.

His son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, also a Republican, has continued the family tradition, announcing plans to file a lawsuit on behalf of American citizens to have the NSA program halted. In his Sunday interview, Snowden said he hoped his leak would provide a means for the program to be challenged in court.

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