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Megyn Kelly’s heartwarming interview with valedictorian who recited Lord’s Prayer

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The video of Liberty High School valedictorian Roy Costner IV ripping up his approved speech and reciting the Lord’s Prayer at his graduation ceremony has gone viral, and Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed the courageous young man on Friday.

When asked what it felt like, Costner responded that it was “an awesome moment.”

“I was in tears on stage from joy,” he told Kelly. “I didn’t expect an outcome like that…I had goosebumps all over.”

Costner had said previously that he “was extremely nervous” beforehand. “I didn’t know what kind of reaction I was going to get. I didn’t know which way it was going to go.”

As for the reaction from school administrators afterwards, Costner said there wasn’t “much talk” because it’s not within their boundaries as state employees, as noted by Mediaite.

“The students were with me,” he added.

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