Colbert turns on Obama: He’s a ‘tyrannical despot who ignores all the rules’

First it was Jon Stewart lobbing insults at President Obama over the IRS scandal. Now even uber-liberal Stephen Colbert has had enough of the scandals, and has resorted to making fun of the president and calling him names.

Colbert began his show Thursday with the “shocking news” that millions of American phone records had been collected by the Obama administration.

“Yes, the National Security Administration is spying on our phone calls, and unlike during the Bush administration, this time it’s the Obama administration,” Colbert said. “Yeah, this guy, he is always trying to outdo his predecessor. ‘Oh, he poured water on their face? I’m going to blow ’em up! HAHAHA! Did I win?’”

Colbert continued with an explanation of the surveillance, then added his thoughts on it.

“Folks, I’m going to be straight with you. I’m conflicted here, folks. On the one hand, this proves Obama is a tyrannical despot who ignores all the rules. On the other hand, I kind of like tyrannical despots who ignore all the rules. Shows spunk.”

Colbert then cited the New York Times editorial which ran on Thursday proclaiming “The administration has now lost all credibility,” then picked up a phone to place an order for home delivery of the Times.

“My wife likes the Style section. I go straight for the Obama bashing,” Colbert said.

Watch the hilarious video via Newsbusters here.

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