Cash-strapped town seeks payment for security at Obama fundraiser

Cities across the nation often bear the cost of a presidential visit, but one small town in California wants to be paid back. The Town of Atherton has been seeking $8,000 to cover security and cleanup after a fundraiser held at a private residence in April.

Bills have been sent to the White House, the Secret Service, the Democratic National Committee and to the homeowners who hosted the event, but to no avail. The event reportedly raised $3 million for the DNC, according to KPIX 5.

The town is now considering placing a lien on the property of homeowners who hosted the event.

Councilman Bill Widmer noted that if there were a private event such as a wedding, taxpayers would expect the hosts to pay for it and that political fundraisers should be no different. Shrinking municipal budgets have towns looking to cut costs.

“When people are paying $32,400 to have a luncheon with the president,” Widmer said, “part of that money could go to pay for police protection that’s required to keep everybody safe.”

Other presidential fundraising trips in the state have also racked up big bills, with a $60,000 tab in San Francisco in April, and $300,000 in Oakland last year.

KPIX 5 reported that neither the Democratic National Committee, the Secret Service, nor the homeowners responded to requests for comment.

Watch the KPIX 5 report here:


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