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WWII veteran earns long awaited high school diploma

Ed Morrisey
Photo Credit: WGGB TV

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‘Tis the season for high school graduation and one World War II veteran waited 74 years for his special day.

U.S. Navy veteran Edward Morrissey, 92, is now officially a high school graduate.

Morrissey left Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School in 1939, one month before his graduation, because his help was needed on the family farm.

In 1942, Morrissey joined the Navy and “served as a cook on a landing ship and fought in the Battle of Peleliu, now Palau, in the Pacific Theater,” the Daily Hampshire Gazette reported.

He eventually became a Northampton, Mass. police officer. “I worked every place in the city,” Morrissey told the paper. “I started out walking the beats and ended up in a cruiser. And I took care of the parking meters. We didn’t have so many then.”

And after a lifetime of long service, Morrissey finally sought the high school diploma he put on hold to earn.

“It’s something I’ve thought about doing for years,” Morrissey said. “I read in the paper about other veterans who got their degrees. I thought, why can’t I graduate?”

And indeed he did, WGGB reported after Thursday evening’s ceremony.

“I’m just happy to be here, and happy to be my age. Not too many people get up that far. You know, 92 and I still get around with a good head,” Morrissey said.

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