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School says Marine must cover uniform at his graduation

marine graduate
Brandon Garabrant
Photo Credit: The Daily Caller

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The story of a New Hampshire senior who wants to wear his U.S. Marine Corps uniform instead of the traditional cap and gown to his high school graduation is eliciting mixed reaction from readers.

Brandon Garabrant, 18, will graduate boot camp in Parris Island, S.C. this Friday and then head home to walk in Conval Regional High School’s graduation ceremony Saturday.

Garabrant wants to wear his new Marine Dress Blue uniform, and who can blame him, but the school’s rule is that all students wear the cap and gown.

Brandon’s mother, Jessie Garabrant, received a letter from the principal that read, “The student council supports all students wearing caps and gowns as a celebration of their ConVal achievements with their ConVal class. We will keep our policy in place,” WMUR News reported.

But Mrs. Garabrant disagrees. “Brandon earned this right and he went above and beyond what he needed to do in high school,” she told the news station. “I think covering up with a cap and gown is disgraceful to the uniform.”

According to Brandon’s younger sister who started a petition on this issue, many respondents replied, “Why can’t he wear it? That’s dumb.’ Or they were like, ‘I don’t care what he wears,'” Mykala Garabrant told WMUR.

After graduation, Brandon will attend Marine combat training, then head to school for combat engineering, the report said.

But for his upcoming graduation, “The worse-case scenario, Brandon will wear his cap and gown over the uniform,” Mrs. Garabrant said.

Share your thoughts and tell us what you think Brandon should wear to his high school graduation in the comments section.

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H/T: The Daily Caller


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