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Jon Stewart mocks Christie’s expensive special election

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Jersey boy comedian Jon Stewart suggested a stereotypical Sopranos-like option Gov. Chris Christie could have used to find the replacement senator for Frank Lautenberg, saving the state millions of dollars in the upcoming special election.

Affecting a New Jersey accent, Stewart said the fourth option for Christie was to “drive five guys in a van down to the Pine Barrens at midnight, and by the time morning comes, you got one senator in the car, you know what I mean?”

In a laugh-out-loud segment explaining the options Christie had to fill the late senator’s seat, Stewart tore into the governor for his decision to hold a special October election, at tremendous cost to the taxpayers, a mere three weeks before the November general election. A move Christie said in 2009 would not be a “responsible” action for any governor to take.

Christie’s concern that Democratic turnout might be higher if senate candidate Cory Booker was on the November ballot had Stewart yell the move was a “self-serving, corrupt abuse of power…I miss New Jersey so much!”

It’s a must-watch-to-the-very-end segment via Comedy Central:

H/T: Mediaite


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