Eric Holder gives rare one-on-one, tells NBC not stepping down yet

With scrutiny increasing on a daily basis and calls for his resignation mounting, Attorney General Eric Holder sat down with NBC’s justice correspondent, Pete Williams, in a rare one-on-one – on the record – interview Wednesday. He spoke candidly about the James Rosen incident and his plans for the future.

“I’m a little concerned, that things have gotten a little out of whack,” Holder said. “I think we can do a better job than we have. We can reform those regulations, reform those guidelines to better reflect the balance.”

In a recent investigation into possible leaks to the media, the government obtained e-mail and phone records from Fox’s James Rosen without his knowledge, and even called him in court documents a co-conspirator. Holder said that phrase was required to get a search warrant.

“I don’t like that. Because it means that me, as a government official, who has great respect for the press, is in essence saying a reporter doing his or her job, and doing that important job, is somehow branded a criminal,” Holder explained. “I’m just not comfortable with that. We’re going to change that.”

When asked about calls that he step down, he responded, “not yet.”

“There are things I want to do, things I want to get done that I have discussed with the president,” Holder said. “Once I have finished that, I will sit down with him and we’ll determine when it is time to make a transition to a new attorney general.”

“But to be clear, you’re not stepping down now?” Williams asked.

“No, I have no intention of doing so now,” Holder replied.

Watch the interview here via NBC News.

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