Circle of incompetence now complete with Rice as security adviser

Photo Credit: Think Progress

When I awoke Wednesday to hear that President Obama had appointed former United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice to be his new national security adviser, I thought of the old saying, “Waiting for the knock on the door in the middle of the night.” The Rice selection almost completed the circle of radicals who lead our nation: Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, CIA Director John Brennan and now Rice. Obama perfected the ring of incompetence and radicalism by immediately crowning former aide Samantha Power to replace Rice at the U.N.

Just what is going on in the head of Barack Obama? He is getting cooked in a brew of scandals that have exploded in recent weeks: Fast and Furious, the James Rosen subpoena, the AP records roundup, the IRS’ harassment of conservative organizations, the Benghazi coverup, and now the selection of the administration’s chief liar to head our nation’s security network. I hear the footsteps on the stairs.

But the Rice appointment has a local ring to it. She appeared at a Boca Raton synagogue last year to tout Obama’s dubious support for Israel to the information-challenged Jewish community. A few protesters were denied admission to the venue, and some of us were threatened with jail time if we did not leave the premises. Rice’s overt, premeditated, straight-faced fabrication of the events leading up to the Benghazi slaughter now clearly vindicates our attempts to label her as a tool in Obama’s attempt to woo Jewish voters. This blatant perjurer will now have control over our nation’s security? A big win for Maj. Nidal Hasan, the Boston bombing brothers and a host of other Islamic terrorists in our midst.

And woe to Israel when Power assumes her seat in the U.N. tower. Another nail in that country’s Obama-built coffin.

In this country, the fist is raised to rap on the doors of its many patriots.

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