Politician’s wife uses Facebook to warn women to stay away from her man

Heather and Shadrack McGill
Heather & Shadrack McGill
Photo Credit: Facebook

It’s like watching a Southern belle turn Jersey girl with the whole, “don’t mess with my man.”

The wife of an Alabama state senator took over her husband’s Facebook page Monday night to warn women to stay away from her husband.

Heather McGill, wife of state Sen. Shadrack McGill, has had enough of the online and email solicitations from strippers and other half-dressed women “inviting him to explore” (that may be a southern way of saying these women want to have sex with her man).

“I had looked on my husband’s Facebook page yesterday and again there was another picture and another email,” McGill told ABC News.  “Being that we have daughters, I guess a righteous anger rose up in me to protect my family.”

“I know that I can’t bring about change in other people’s lifestyles, but I can protect my household, my husband and my children,” she said.

The McGills have been married for 14 years and have six children, as well as foster children.

McGill’s Facebook post, which has since gone viral:

Attention Facebook: This is Heather McGill (senator McGills wife) for anyone that does not know that. This may go viral and if so my prayer is that it strengthens marriages and families across this district, our state, and our country! I am very blessed to be the wife of a God fearing, hard working, ministry minded, loving father and husband and it is not just my right but my duty to lovingly serve him by protecting him!

I have been silent for long enough!! NO MORE! Multiple times since being in office he has gotten emails from women (who may not even be real) inviting him to explore, also sending pictures of themselves. NO MORE!!!

It is a shame that people are so heartless that they would try to split up families. We have children that look at our face books from time to time! Shame on you! You know who you are. Next time everyone will know who you are!! For I will publicly share your name before we “unfriend” you.

I love my husband and my children too much to sit here and allow this to go on and will not give the enemy anymore foothold into my family! This is the “behind the scenes” garbage that political life brings. I will not turn a blind eye to it any longer!

I remember years ago my Pastors wife standing before the congregation preaching to the young women about their dress which had gotten out of hand and she boldly stood before them and spoke the truth. I boldly stand before you today and declare that I will stand beside my husband, support him, love him, and protect him at ALL cost!!!! Those of you who know who you are consider yourself warned! Those of you who understand my heart, thank you for listening and may God bless your families!

Watch the McGills and hear about the night two strippers showed up at their home on ABC News:

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