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Glenn Beck compiles history of Obama lies you may have forgotten

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From comments made by President Obama on how he got his start in life, his stance on hiring lobbyists once he became president, to the promises behind healthcare reform, Glenn Beck has compiled audio and video clips that show two very different sides of Barack Obama and his administration.

“It’s important that you understand the lies that have been told thus far, because they’re only getting worse, and they’re only getting much more dangerous,” Beck warned.

Beck said the Obama administration has employed a “three-step process” that begins with lies, then revises history to fit the desired story, and ends by attacking anyone who tries to speak out.

“The only way for them to maintain absolute power is for them to always be lying,” Beck said. “To keep this illusion that they can never be wrong, they must silence or attack their opponents who prove them wrong time and time again.”

Beck offers commentary during the audio clip in the first video below, but the second is a video clip that he notes is “100% in their own words.”

Watch the videos below via The Blaze:


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