Sarah Palin to graduates: ‘Get off your butt to make a buck’

The senior class at Republic High School in Washington was on a mission to bring Sarah Palin to speak at their commencement. Not only did they succeed, they learned something new about Palin in the process.

The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate said she was honored to be invited to speak to the class. She said she had gifts for them and was glad there were only 27, or else she may have to go into debt as congress had done.

The others would come later, but to present the first gift, Palin told all the students to stand and look under their chairs. Each student found a dollar taped to the bottom of the chair, where Palin said they would find a life lesson in that dollar.

“You gotta get off your butt to make a buck,” she exclaimed.

Palin began to tell a story of a teacher who was relocating his wife and three small kids to the state of Alaska. His family had gone ahead and he was on his way, when his car broke down. He made it to a small town, where a mechanic only charged him 10 dollars for the repair, and the townspeople helped him on his way.

“That schoolteacher was my Dad, Mr. Heath,” Palin said. “That small town was your small town. It was Republic, Washington. That mechanic was a guy named Mr. Carter. And my dad has never forgotten him or the kindness shown by this town.”

“You got us on our path,” Palin said to resounding applause.

Palin noted that after she accepted the invitation to speak, the political players in beltway were asking what she was up to, speaking at such a small high school. “She’s going rogue – again,” she said.

Palin told the class not to forget their Republic roots and the values they were taught there.

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