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IRS spends $50 million on conferences, CNN’s Crowley won’t discuss

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When it looked like things couldn’t get much worse for the IRS, an audit by the inspector general due to be released Tuesday will bring even more scrutiny to the embattled agency. The IG report will reveal nearly $50 million in spending on at least 220 conferences for employees over a three-year period, the Washington Post reports.

Acting IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel acknowledged the findings of the report – without commenting on details – in a statement Friday, but did say it was unfortunate and that conference spending has been cut in recent years.

House Oversight committee chairman, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., commented on the latest problem for the IRS on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, but host Candy Crowley didn’t seem to want to be bothered to talk about it.

“In Anaheim, when they bought their tickets, they said we’ll pay the per diem rate for these hotel rooms. They didn’t negotiate. They didn’t bid it. And this is 2,700 folks, so they could have gotten a considerable reduction,” Issa said. “Instead what they said is, ‘We’ll pay full boat, but we want some perks.’ So they ended up with free drinks, they ended up with tickets to games, basically kickbacks.”

The report specifically focuses on a conference in Anaheim, Calif. in August of 2010, at a reported cost of $4.1 million. During the conference, two videos were shown: the infamous “Star Trek” parody and the most recently discovered “Cupid Shuffle” video. The two “training videos” cost at least $60,000 to produce according to the audit.

In the video below, you will see Issa comment about the IRS conference at about the 43-second mark, but less than a minute later, Crowley says, “I want to move on.”

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