Former IRS commissioner’s wife tweets from her far-left liberal heart

When looking at the Twitter account of Susan L. Anderson, wife of former IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman – who visited the White House 157 times — it appears she is more of a far-left ideologue than previously reported.

Based on past “tweets,” Anderson is linked to President Obama’s Organizing for America campaign apparatus and was an active participant in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Anderson also reveals her antipathy toward the tea party and Americans for Prosperity president Tim Phillips:

And shows support for another far-left cause, opposition to the National Rifle Association:

As previously reported on BizPac Review, Anderson works at Public Campaign, a Washington-based nonprofit that bills itself as a “non-partisan” organization dedicated to sweeping reform that aims to dramatically reduce the role of big special interest money in American politics.

Public Campaign receives “major funding” from Health Care for America NOW!, which includes labor unions AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU, and the far-left activist group Move Additional funding comes from the Ford Foundation, the Common Cause Education Fund, and Barbra Streisand’s foundation.

While this new information is circumstantial and does not implicate her husband in any wrongdoing, it’s fair to ask if her political activities influenced Shulman.

And while those who somehow support the IRS targeting of political groups note that Shulman was appointed by President G.W. Bush, the conservative web site Weasel Zipper points out that he was a DNC donor.

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Tom Tillison


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