Cross-dresser in ladies room throws family joint into uproar

A Nashville woman on a “date night” with her husband was shocked when a “big burly” cross-dresser stepped out of the ladies room stall she had been waiting to use and then check her — er, his — makeup in the mirror. It didn’t help when the manager of the family restaurant where the incident took place suggested she use the men’s room.


Mrs. Doubtfire

Her husband, David Staton, noted:

“There needs to be some sort of law that says if you are born a man with man-parts, you go to the men’s bathroom,” he said.“In a family restaurant, men should go to the men’s room and women should go to the women’s,” according to Fox News.

Doug Hogrefe, the owner of Amerigo Italian restaurant, confirmed the details with Fox.

“Amerigo does not have a policy regarding questioning its guests about gender identity in our restrooms,” he said. “In my 20-plus years in the restaurant industry, this is also the first time something like this has come up.”

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes wrote:

Transgendered people in several states have been fighting for the right to use public restrooms that correspond with whatever sex they consider themselves, with lawmakers in California and Massachusetts providing support for the idea

But not in Tennessee.

The man Staton’s wife confronted was with a group of cross-dressers sitting a few tables away.

“These guys were well over six feet tall, big burly men in dresses,” he said. “The whole restaurant noticed them.” He went on to describe his wife’s encounter.

“It was a small restroom and she was waiting for a stall,” he said. “And that’s when she came face to face with a guy well over six feet. She immediately blurted out, ‘Am I in the men’s bathroom?’”

Nope — she was in the right place.

She immediately reported the encounter to the restaurant manager.

“I could tell the manager was shocked,” Staton said. “He told us he’d never had anything like that happen before.”

He suggested that she use the men’s room while he stood guard outside the door.

“I said, are you kidding me?” according to Staton. “You’re going to ask my wife to go to the men’s bathroom because there are men in the women’s bathroom?”

The whole idea of non-discrimination is that the rights of the few should not be ridden roughshod by the majority. But when the principle is taken to extremes we get a very different result. The overwhelming majority is suddenly expected to accommodate the whims of a very small minority because of some misguided notion that those whims are basic human rights.

Read more at Fox News.


6 thoughts on “Cross-dresser in ladies room throws family joint into uproar

  1. KB Cook says:

    And this is JUST THE BEGINNING of enforced perversion!

  2. cs says:

    It's no big suprise.The femma nazis have been trying for years to get rid of mens stand up urinal.Every once in a while we'll hear some story how its some kind of discrimination against women or some B.S. like that!

  3. Sara Hoffman says:

    Perverts – ready to pounce on little girls. If they want to be women sooo bad, why don't they get an operation to remove their penis and replace it with a suitable accordeon.

    1. Maggie says:

      Sara………………….Nooooooooooooooooooooo,we will have to pay for these surgeries. We already have to for those that are in prisons.

    2. Ravyn Karasu says:

      It takes a long time to be able to do that. It is an expensive operation and they normally are not permitted to do this without a few years of therapy/counseling and then the hormone treatments. It's a very lengthy process.

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