Storm chasers’ dramatic wild ride in the middle of a tornado

The Weather Channel’s meteorologist Mike Bettes and his crew were chasing a tornado in Oklahoma on Friday night, but when it took a sudden turn, they had no time to get out of its way. They found themselves in the middle of a wild ride.

“This was a really dangerous storm because it was small, then it was large, then it had a lot of different vortices within it and it did a very strange thing where it made a very abrupt left hand turn,” Bettes explained. “We were trying to get on the south side to get into clear air.”

The lead vehicle was blown into a ditch. Then Bettes’ vehicle went airborne.

“We realized we weren’t going to make it and just screamed for everybody to just hold on, duck down below the windows and hold on and we just started tumbling,” Bettes said.

Bettes and one crew member were treated and released with minor injuries, while another crew member remains in the hospital, according to the NBC report.

Watch the wild ride here via NBC News.

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